Wahl Hero Corded T-Blade Trimmer (model 8991), 240v to 110 Volt - Transformer Required


The T-Blade on the Wahl Hero trimmer allows you to get a great shape when trimming beards or hard to reach spots, such as around the ears. With three T-shaped trimming guides included, this is perfect for tight lines and smooth finishes.

Professional Features:

  • T-Blades
  • Compact Size for practical use
  • Powerful Rotary Motor
  • Zero Overlap


  • 3 T – shaped trimming guides
  • Pro-set tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Oil
  • Operating Instructions
  • Full Manufacturer’s Warranty

Powering This Device:

If you’re trying to power your US clippers with a traditional 220v to 110v transformer in the UK or Europe, then you’ve probably already heard the deafening noise they can make, and seen how performance can be impaired. You may have even resorted to stuffing your clippers with sponge in an attempt to soften the noise! If so, or if you are considering purchasing the Andis Master Adjustable Blade Clipper, I would highly recommend checking out the Frequency60hz 240v to 110v 60hz International Voltage And Frequency converter, also available here in our eBay store.

This smart device gives you the flexibility to use your 110v US hair clippers anywhere in the world, without any hassle – you’ll never have to stuff your clippers again:


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